7. Top10 Pickups of 2015

Top10 Pickups of 2015! #top10pickups 7. Nike Mercurial Vapor III 2006 Fg Brazil Edition. Another great colour combo by @nikefootball 👌🏻 Released back in 2006, represented Brazil with @ronaldolima as striker. Ronaldo “9” scored his last World Cup goals in this colourway in Germany. 🇧🇷

What I know these are not limited edition but certainly one of the hardest boots to find in Fg-soleplate.

More Top10 Pickups to come!

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2 thoughts on “7. Top10 Pickups of 2015

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  1. Oh how I love vapor 3s, I have these but they didn’t come with the insole so I have to buy another pair of size 10 vapors to use for them. I’m too obsessed with vapor 3s not to wear them so I always end up buying a pair every year and wearing them out. I’m reading ur whole blog right now and I think it’s great my friend, keep it up this is really cool!


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