Adidas F50.6 Y3 Yamamoto

The boots were designed and produced back in 2006 by a Japanese designer Yoij Yamamoto! There is four different animals Tiger, Dragon, Hawk and Wolf. They are also designed more to casual wear, instead of studs they are applied with a rubber street-kit. There is 250 pairs of each worldwide. They are more of an artoiece for me than footballboots.



Nike Premier 1994

Truly an iconic boot! In this boots it’s all about simplicity and touch instead of bright colours. The fact is that these boots were worn by pros like Ronaldo before the Mercurial speed boots were released in 1998.


Adidas Predator Mania 3G Turf

Todaya Pickup is a pair of absolutely classic Adidas Predator Mania 3G Turf edition! They knew how to make the Trainers/Turf boots back in days, they are exactly as normal Manias just the heel pattern and soleplate has been changed.


Reebok RG800 Sg

This man is truly a legend, Ryan Giggs! I think this is a boot that every collector should own! Incredible that one player can stay on top so many caps.



Piece of art! You can’t have a more classy boot than this Nike Mercurial Vapor IV SL E08 edition, only for proffesionals. Nike combined black K-leather with carbron soleplate and gave it a blue studdpattern 👌


Original Predator

The boots that changed the world! -Adidas Predator 1994, creator for the design was Johnston the ex-Middleborough and Liverpool footballer. He saw the potential of rubber over leather to increase grip, swerve and feel. He compared it with table tennis bat!
These boots got a thick layer of leather that would last a World War 😂


Newest Addition

My newest addition is truly an amazing boot. Adidas Predator Mania Sample boot! Mania is definitely one of the best boots of all time, and for me finding a pair of Samples is really exciting! What I love about the Sample boot is that you can find some differences between the normal Mania and these. Can you spot the differences??







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