Nike Mercurial Vapor SL

These were the most revolutionary boots back in 2008. The boots are made almost entirely from carbon fiber. The upper is made of a single piece of carbon fiber, then the seven-layer outsole plate made of carbon together with TPU and polyurethane giving maximum flexibility and speed for the boot. All this gives us a boot wight of 190g. This is why the are called SL, “Super Light”.
They were 2508 pairs made, 2008 pairs in FG and 500 in SG!
Here’s my pair:



Adidas Predator Trainers

Finally got all of them!
I have been looking for these four Predators in tourf for ages. In my point of view Adidas knew how to create good trainers back in the days! The trainers had matching rubber fins, soft leather, stripes & tongue as the original Predator football boots.
Now days these are hard to come by, and I think the trainers are even harder to find than the football boots!


All time favourites

I have been collecting boots since 2005 and been always most interested in Adidas Predators and Nike Mercurials! Few of my all time favourites are the WHITE Adidas Predator Mania -02, Precision -00, Acclerator -98 & Touch -96! The original black/white/red colour is great but in white they are really something bigger and rarer. So here they are!




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