Best of the Best

Two of my favourite Adidas Predator boots, I guess you recognise them already! 😊 It’s the Adidas Predator Accelerator 1998! I have to admit that I like white boots even more.

Stay tuned I will soon post the next steps of my boot project!


Adidas Predator 1994 20th Anniversary

First Adidas Predator “Johnston” was presented in 1994, best known football boot ever made! I guess everyone have tried a pair of Predators in their lifetime! They are also remaking some of the Adidas Predator models to celebrate 20th Anniversary! Remakes are being released in August and they gonna be: Predator 1994, Accelerator 1998 and Mania 2002.


Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII Pro-Edition

Truly one of my all time favourite colourways! These are back from 2012 Euro Cup Clash edition. These boots are the proffesional model with the ACC (All Condition Controll) rubber rim on the fron of the boot. A great pair of boots




Next Project!

It’s time for my next project! I will post pics of the different work steps, and ofcourse a pic of the boots when finished!


Todays Pickup!

Great pair of boots, Nike Mercurial Superfly III. Got the for just under 50£ and they are Brand New! Feeling satisfied 😊


All about Precision!

Adidas Predator Precision with soft ground soleplate. Engineered in Germany back in 2000! Maybe not as shiny and popular like the Accelerators or Manias, but I have always been a huge fan of these. Just look at the details on the boots and you can soon understand the hours that were putted on to create these boots! A true classics in my opinion!


Old Christmas Gift!

Adidas Predator Precision has always been one of my all time favourite boots. When I was around 12 years old and just begun playing football I wished for these boots for the Christmas, sadly I never got them as they were out of stock 😩 Since then I have always been looking for Precisions! Luckly I got a “few” pairs of them nowdays.


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