My Nike Mercurial Vapor collection

I have now been collecting since 2005 and have to say my Nike Vapor generation starts to be completed! All generations since 1998-2014!
Sadly all of them aren’t brand new, but for me it’s okay 😊
Make sure to follow and there’s lot more to come!


My Carbon-Fibre series

Here you can see four of my Carbon-Fibre boots. First one is aqtually not a Superfly model but it’s the first Nike boot that used carbon in the soleplate, the Nike Mercurial Vapor IV SL (Super Light). Next is the first Superfly I, they got a huge succes and are nowdays one of the most sought after boot! Suoerfly II and III, never got to the same level as the two older pairs, but still Superfly is always Superfly! 👌


Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly Agbonlahor

Bought a pair of Match worn Gabriel Agbonlahor Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly I. Always liked something about Aston Villa and think these boots are interesting addition to my collection! A plus is that he even scored in these boots during the season in 2009!


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