Nike Mercurial Superfly IV CR7’s

I had to take few pics with both of the Nike Mercurial Superfly IV that were made to celebrate Cristiano Ronaldos great form. 

So in early 2015 Nike released the black/gold Nike Mercurial Superfly IV Sg-Pro to celebrate C.Ronaldo winning his 3rd FIFA Ballon d’Or, there is 333 pairs made globally and I managed to get the last pair made, 333 of 333! Great looking boot with loth of sparkly effect.

Then around a month ago Nike released the next boot in CR7 collection, the Nike Mercurial Superfly IV Fg 324K. This boot were made for C.Ronaldo surpassing Raul as Real Madrid top goal scorer in history!

Hard choice to choose which one is better looking. I like the Sg-Pro solepate on the black/gold ones but then I like the concept of “remaking” the Vapor III colours in the 324K.

Nike Magista Obra Fg BHM

“The Power of One”

Inspired by The Power of One the Magista Obra BHM is designed in honour of Black History Month. 

The boots are created with an African vision on mind. The different colours of the boot represents the varied colours of national flags from around the world.


There is total of 7 different colours in the woven upper, creating a symbiotic design. It’s almost as seeing the boot in different dimensions. 

There is also a variety of different patterns on the upper, like nets and stripes combined together. The boot represents African art with some football twist!


Nike Mercurial

Did some photo shooting and some of the pics ended up good!

You can spot all the Nike Mercurial from 1998-2016, also all in Firm-Ground soleplate which can be hard to find in the older models. 

In the middle we got the latest release from Nike, Nike Mercurial Superfly IV CR 324K. 

Did your or do you use any of the boots in the picture?

Nike Hypervenom Phantom Fg SE Transform

Nike gave the Nike Hypervenom Phantom I a spectacular end by making a limited release of the last Hypervenom Phantom, the boot was released in May 2015 and were limited to 560 pairs globally.

The boot is called Nike Hypervenom Phantom SE Transform.


In the first sight the boot looks like a ordinary classic black boot from Nike. Good combination of black, orange and some shiny effect on the Nike swoosh. But Nike added an effect that no one has seen before in a football boot.

The upper is made of a heat-activated material that transforms to reveal a vibrant orange/red colour. This happens when the boot reacts to heat while wearing the boot.


The boot is returning to black colourway shortly after end of use. A truly amazing concept, and looks way better in real life.


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Nike Mercurial Vapor II Sg R9


Finally added this great pair to my collection! Made back in 2004, Nike Mercurial Vapor II Sg in rare gold colourway. 

Found them for a reasonable price for 100£+shipping and condition as new I believe this was a bargain. The design is quite simple but still beautiful, the balance between gold, white and black Nike swoosh completes it all!


Nike Mercurial Superfly CR SE 324K

New addition to my collection, the limited edition Nike Mercurial Superfly CR SE 324K! They are not individually numbered which is a bit shame. The boots were made for Cristiano Ronaldo passing Raul as Real Madrid’s Top Scorer in History. Great achievement! 

The boots are sort of a remake of the old Nike Mercurial Vapor III from 2006. The white and gold colour with an addition of black Nike swoosh and heal covered with glitter! Nike knows how to design some of the very finest boots.


Adidas F50+ “Spiderweb”

So here is in my opinion the best looking generation of Adidas F50, the F50+ “Spiderweb” design!

Released in 2004 and the upper was made of soft k-leather. The F50+ was most known by it’s spiderweb design, and you have to admit it looks awesome. I wore a pair myself and they felt and looked great, also you got the laces hidden to give a better touch. Only thing that was negative about them was that the leather in toearea didn’t last too long :/


Nike Mercurial 1998-2015

Some call it addiction, I call it passion!

Here I have all boots from Nike Mercurial generation 1998-2015, all in rare FG soleplate and like new condition!

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Nike Mercurial Boots:

  • 1998-Nike Mercurial 1.0
  • 1999-Nike Mercurial 
  • 2000-Nike Mercurial Match
  • 2002-Nike Mercurial Vapor I
  • 2004-Nike Mercurial Vapor II
  • 2006-Nike Mercurial Vapor III
  • 2008-Nike Mercurial IV SL
  • 2009-Nike Mercurial Superfly I
  • 2010-Nike Mercurial Superfly II
  • 2011-Nike Mercurial Superfly III
  • 2012-Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII 
  • 2013-Nike Mercurial Vapor IX
  • 2014-Nike Mercurial Superfly IV


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