Nike, Nike, Nike…

Can you imagine that these boots are getting old and soon they will be hard to find?! For example the Nike Magista Obra first colourway was released for World Cup in Rio 2014, so already 2 years since they were released. Still think this first colourway is one of the best! Also we have had the pleasure to use knitted boots with collar in over 2 years. Time flyes 😛

The two other boots are a bit newer, the Nike Tiempo Legend V R10 “Touch of Gold” was released in September 2015. They were limited edition with only 3000 pairs made in the world. Nike used the finest leather, Alegria leather, and trust me it’s one of the softest uppers ever made! 

And last but not least the Nike Mercurial Superfly IV 324K released in January 2016 in limited numbers only. One of the cleanest Mercurial releases in this year. They were made to celebrate C.Ronaldo goal scoring record in Real Madrid CF, I have a feeling that there will be many more CR7 boots yet to come 😉

All and all I think these are some of the best releases from Nike in past 2 years time!

Adidas Predator Touch Hg Japan version

Newest addition!

Honestly I have never seen a pair before, Adidas Predator Touch HG made in Japan 🇯🇵 They also brand new condition which is amazing as they were made in 1996-1997.

The leather and stiching really high quality, and another rarety about them is the Hard-Ground soleplate!

I bought them from another collector friend and they really are money well spent, as I dont think I will come across another pair in near future haha!

Also the boots are made for a Japanese football player “Sakata” with his name and number stiched onto the tongue of the boots. 

You can also spot a small text printed on the boot in gold colour saying “Predator LE”.

Thank you for reading and I will make a video of them later!

Adidas Predator Touch Fg

New addition!

And believe me these are rare as ****! 😂

Adidas Predator Touch Fg “Made in Germany” in red colourway, definitely one of the rarest Predators to find 🙌🏻

Hope there is some of you who can appriciate these boots high enough!

Also the boots are in excellent condition for their age and in good size 8uk. Spent around £150 which isn’t much for these kind of boots.

Nike Tiempo Legend V R10 Premium “Touch of Gold”

My latest addition is the Nike Tiempo Legend V R10 Premium also called “Touch of Gold”! Designed for the 2004 and 2005 Ballon d’Or winner Ronaldinho.

Made of the purest leather the Nike Tiempo Legend V R10 is an update to the Nike Tiempo Air Legend I back in 2005. Everyone remebers Ronaldinhos crossbar challenge on YouTube!

This boot was a limited released in 2015 and sold out in under an hour! Only 3000 pairs made and they are all individually numbered, which is always a bonus. My pair is numbered 2932 of 3000.


Recently sold boots

As many of you may know I’m also selling boots! I recently sold couple real beauties:

-Adidas Predator Touch Fg “Made in Germany” 


 -Nike Mercurial Vapor IV Fg back from 2008  
-Adidas Predator Powerswerve Fg black/red & blue/white from 2010

Contact be for more boots for sale at:

All made in Germany!

Here is all my Predators that are made in Germany! Public versions were made in Indonesia and the made in germany versions were only worn by proffesionals, so rare rare rare! 😋


Adidas Predator Touch

Found these last week, these Red Predator Touch are regarded as one of the most rare Predator boots ever, specially these Made in Germany! Have only seen two pairs for sell in past five years.


Adidas Predator Trainers

Finally got all of them!
I have been looking for these four Predators in tourf for ages. In my point of view Adidas knew how to create good trainers back in the days! The trainers had matching rubber fins, soft leather, stripes & tongue as the original Predator football boots.
Now days these are hard to come by, and I think the trainers are even harder to find than the football boots!


All time favourites

I have been collecting boots since 2005 and been always most interested in Adidas Predators and Nike Mercurials! Few of my all time favourites are the WHITE Adidas Predator Mania -02, Precision -00, Acclerator -98 & Touch -96! The original black/white/red colour is great but in white they are really something bigger and rarer. So here they are!




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