Adidas F50+ “Spiderweb”

So here is in my opinion the best looking generation of Adidas F50, the F50+ “Spiderweb” design!

Released in 2004 and the upper was made of soft k-leather. The F50+ was most known by it’s spiderweb design, and you have to admit it looks awesome. I wore a pair myself and they felt and looked great, also you got the laces hidden to give a better touch. Only thing that was negative about them was that the leather in toearea didn’t last too long :/


Adidas F50 Sg & F50+ Sg

My two new additions! First ever Adidas F50 Sg launched in 2004 in original black/yellow colour and I think it was one of the first boots to cover the laces for a better touch to the ball. 

The second boot is Adidas F50+ Sg launced back in 2005 with the famous “SpiderWeb” design!
Both of these boots are a bit more special, they are Made in Germany and match issued for Peguy Makanda Luyindula!

Really good additions! Please follow for more pics and storys to come!

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