Adidas Predator Mania Sg “Blackout”Edition

Forget “Japan Blue Mania” for a moment and try to figure out which Mania could be even rarer? The answer for that question is revealed in this post!

Very rare Adidas Presator Mania Sg “Blackout” edition, I dare to say that they are the rarest Manias released for public. Don’t really know much about these boots as they that uncommon, but they are individually numbere in the heel. Left boot says 73 and right boot 33.

Some say that these boots were designed as early Mi-Adidas model. Some selected around the world were given a handful of all black numbered Manias, could be 1-100 pairs. So you couldn’t customize your own colours as you can these days but you could customize the fit and feel on the boots. 

Adidas took your measurements and the stiched numbers in the heel was somehow linked to size and widhts. Then the customer was free to try on which ever boot that suited best. After that the customer made an order and purchased a pair in the regular colourway but with own measurements. It might have cost you around 400€ in 2002 so they were really exclusive!

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Newest Addition

My newest addition is truly an amazing boot. Adidas Predator Mania Sample boot! Mania is definitely one of the best boots of all time, and for me finding a pair of Samples is really exciting! What I love about the Sample boot is that you can find some differences between the normal Mania and these. Can you spot the differences??







Samples samples samples….

I’m getting more and more into Predator Sample boots! They usually got some differnces and haven’t been for public sale, which makes them rare. Basically these boots have been aprototypes for the boots we know in public! Take a careful look on the boots, can you spot the differences?


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