Milestones – Adidas Samba Primeknit 2014

Adidas released alongside the World Cup in Rio de Janeiro 2014 a limited edition boot that became the first ever to have a 100% knitted upper. The boot is limited to 150 pairs in the world, and sold out in seconds. Still one of my best looking boots, as the upper is just amazing with the different colors of yarn.

Some interesting stats:

• The upper consists of 1938 meters of yarn.

• Around 137 829 stiches were made.

• The boot weights 165 grams.

Luis Suarez played a game for Liverpool in these Samba Primeknits in 2014.

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6. Top10 Pickups of 2015

My Top10 Pickups of 2015! #top10pickups 6. Adidas Samba Primeknit Fg limited to 150 pairs worldwide!

Back in 2014 the first 100% knitted upper in a football boot.


-1938 meters of yarn

-137,829 stiches

-165 grams

This truly shows that almost everything is possible! 

More to come😁

Adidas Samba Primeknit “Legit vs. Replica”!

So I recently bought a pair of boots I have been after quait a while, Adidas Samba Primeknit Fg 1 of 150 pairs made. I also bought another pair, but they are replicas. I didn’t even know they made replicas of the Primeknits. 

So I took a look at them and compared them to the legit Primeknits, here’s what I found:

The innerlining and innersole is different. Also you can see that the figure of the knits in the toebox are different. A small colour difference  in the laces.

Next thing, it’s quait minor, but the figure of the knits on the outsole of the boot are slightly deifferent.

The Legit version got MiCoach locker with the cap in the soleplate, while replicas only have a simpel whole as the locker. 

After all I think they made a great economic version of the Primeknits, good job! Maybe they even last as long as the legit version if used!

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