Nike Tiempo VII “Platinum Black”

Nike officially introduced on 26th of June the all new Nike Tiempo VII (7)! They will be sale today 10th of July. Lucky enough I was given this Limited Edition Nike Tiempo VII “Platinum Black” before the official launch, there is only 100 pairs made worldwide and only given to football boot influencers around the world! A big bonus is the fact that they are individually numbere, my pair is numbered 30/100. 

This time Nike really has added some cool new features to the Tiempo VII: 

  • Heel area and the tongue is made of Flyknit, reduces the weight by 22%.
  • Middlefoot is constructed of flywire cables for better strech and stability.
  • On top of the flywire cage Nike added a soft K-leather upper to give a better touch to the ball.
  • NikeGrip is also added to the new Tiempo to prevent the foot from sliding inside of the boot.

Nike has also made a whole new soleplate, Hyperstability, and it’s lighter than the previous soleplate. Such a comfortable boot and when you add the good look on this boot then for me this is the best Tiempo ever!

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Adidas Predator Precision Sg “Platinum”

One of my favourite boots of all time, the Adidas Predator Precision! As previous years Adidas used to release a new boot every Championship year. Adidas Predator Precision was released in 2000 during the Euro Cup 2000 in France. A major update from the earlier Predator models was that Adidas made the rubber fins thinner, more like rubber ribs that gave more swerve and power.

Adidas also added a fold over tongue which was locked to the boot with Velcro!

David Beckham was one of the big names that made this boot very popular. Everyone remembers the stunning last minute freekick goal against Greece in Euro 2000 wearing a white pair of the Predator Precision!

So what Adidas did was basically the first David Beckham signature boot, the Adidas Predator Precision Platinum Sg 2000! This boot was released in limited numbers and only in United Kingdom, France, Germany, USA and Japan. They were limited to 333 pairs in each country and they are individually numbered. They included a stunning presentation box made of aluminium, blocket and a holographic card with the same number as the boot!

I had been looking for these boots almost entire time that I have been collecting, since 2006. And finally last year I found a pair, numbered UK169/333.

3. Top10 Pickups of 2015

Top10 Pickups of 2015! #top10pickups   
3. Adidas Predator Precision 2000 Sg “Platinum” UK169/333. There is not much I need to say about these, every bootcollector knows how hard these are to find, especially brand new, with the holographic card and aluminium box! I’m a big fan of Predator Precision and I had been looking for these almost my entire time that I been collecting, since 2006. 

These were released only in United Kingdom, Germany, France and any other country?? And I guess these were one of the first David Beckham signature boots!

Adidas Predator Precision Platinum

So I have been after these since I started collecting back in 2005. And have to say they are really hard to find, and once you find them they cost you like £600+! 

But here they are, Adidas Predator Platinum Sg! Limited edition, as you can see from the pic they are individually numbered. I don’t really know in which all countrys they were released, as far as I know in Germany, USA and France. Mine are released in Deutschland, that’s why D062/333. 

Also they come in the most beautiful presentation box!


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