Nike Hypervenom Phantom DF women’s edition

The boots where released in late January of 2017 and I instantly fell in love with these women’s colourway, perhaps because they really match the release colourway of the first ever Superfly!

Really like the new Nike Hypervenom Phantom III, Nike added some new features that really improves the boot from last generation. 

Features like:

  • First time ever a one-piece Flyknit upper that is breathable, streching and the dynamic fit collar gives more support
  • Asymmetrical lacing gives you a larger area to control the ball
  • “Poron” foam pods in the upper gives a smooth touch while dribbling and once striking the ball they give you a better strike
  • The soleplate is compleately new and developed by Nike in over 6 years time. The soleplate is more flexible in the forefoot area and gives more support in the heel. The studs are designed lateral cuts and sharp turns.

Here you can see the “Poron” foam pods, also the one-piece flyknit upper and asymmetrical lacing.

Nike is also using a lockdown system inside of the boots. As you see in the picture there are some lockdown ribbons in the heel area.

A boot worth to try! Thanks for reading.

Nike Hypervenom Phantom

Nike Hypervenom Phantom was introduced to the world in 2013; it also became Neymar´s
signature boot. The Hypervenom Phantom was a brand new silo, with an upper made of
“NikeSkin” technology. The skin features a 3D texture that gives superior ball feel, lightweight
and close to foot feel. One of the most comfortable boots I have tried. 

The 2nd generation of Nike Hypervenom never became as famous as the first one, although Nike added a collar to them. People were most critical about Nike removing the popular “NikeSkin” upper, however Nike added the “NikeSkin” in 2016 to the 2nd generation but it somehow didin’t change the fact that they never got as popular.

So things have changed! Few weeks back Nike revealed the 3rd generation of Nike Hypervenom Phantom III with knitted upper with foam pods that improves the touch and gives you a better strike to the ball! 

Also it got a new lighter and more flexible soleplate. Another major improvement is the internal traction system, what means that Nike uses three levels of traction:

Sock-Sock Liner-Inside Plate Liner!

Can’t wait to give them a run and got big hopes for these! And that colourway really makes you stand out.

Nike Anti-Clog

So I took the opportunity to test my new Anti-Clog soleplate at my lunch brake today!

The Anti-Clog soleplate really suprised me by how good it actually works! 

So what I did was I used one boot of Nike Anti-Clog and one normal Nike soleplate, just to get a comparison. It has been raining couple days in a row so the field was really muddy with long grass, and you didn’t have to run for long before the normal soleplate was clogged.

I would recommend everyone to try Nike’s Anti-Clog! Feels a bit like magic .

Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Sg “Dark Lightning” Anti-Clog

The “Dark Lightning” pack is Nike’s latest release and I got the Hypervenom Phantom II! This is also my first ever Anti-Clog boot and this is why I want to go out and test them to see how the new technology works.

The Anti-Clog might be a bit difficult to explain and that’s why it took 2 years for Nike’s engineers and chemists to create this soleplate. However the solution to avoid mud clogging into the boots were not to make the plate water-repellent but instead to include an adaptive polymer that becomes compliant when exposed to water. The key was to understand the molecular strukture of mud and this way creating a Anti-Clog soleplate! 

What can’t we do nowdays?! Can’t wait to try them out and see if this really works as good as promised! At least the new Anti-Clog soleplate looks clean on the new Hypervenoms.

Nike Hypervenom Phantom Fg SE Transform

Nike gave the Nike Hypervenom Phantom I a spectacular end by making a limited release of the last Hypervenom Phantom, the boot was released in May 2015 and were limited to 560 pairs globally.

The boot is called Nike Hypervenom Phantom SE Transform.


In the first sight the boot looks like a ordinary classic black boot from Nike. Good combination of black, orange and some shiny effect on the Nike swoosh. But Nike added an effect that no one has seen before in a football boot.

The upper is made of a heat-activated material that transforms to reveal a vibrant orange/red colour. This happens when the boot reacts to heat while wearing the boot.


The boot is returning to black colourway shortly after end of use. A truly amazing concept, and looks way better in real life.


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Nike Hypervenom Phantom Sg-Pro

I guess many of you have used these couple years back? 😉My all time favourite Hypervenom! Nike got spot on the colourway on the first ever Nike Hypervenom Phantom Sg-Pro 👌🏻


They really look deadly by nature! 

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