Nike Anti-Clog

So I took the opportunity to test my new Anti-Clog soleplate at my lunch brake today!

The Anti-Clog soleplate really suprised me by how good it actually works! 

So what I did was I used one boot of Nike Anti-Clog and one normal Nike soleplate, just to get a comparison. It has been raining couple days in a row so the field was really muddy with long grass, and you didn’t have to run for long before the normal soleplate was clogged.

I would recommend everyone to try Nike’s Anti-Clog! Feels a bit like magic .

Nike, Nike, Nike…

Can you imagine that these boots are getting old and soon they will be hard to find?! For example the Nike Magista Obra first colourway was released for World Cup in Rio 2014, so already 2 years since they were released. Still think this first colourway is one of the best! Also we have had the pleasure to use knitted boots with collar in over 2 years. Time flyes 😛

The two other boots are a bit newer, the Nike Tiempo Legend V R10 “Touch of Gold” was released in September 2015. They were limited edition with only 3000 pairs made in the world. Nike used the finest leather, Alegria leather, and trust me it’s one of the softest uppers ever made! 

And last but not least the Nike Mercurial Superfly IV 324K released in January 2016 in limited numbers only. One of the cleanest Mercurial releases in this year. They were made to celebrate C.Ronaldo goal scoring record in Real Madrid CF, I have a feeling that there will be many more CR7 boots yet to come 😉

All and all I think these are some of the best releases from Nike in past 2 years time!

Nike Magista Obra II Fg

Thank you Nike for delivering me the new Nike Magista Obra II Fg. The first thing when I saw these were the beautiful and slightly crazy colourway! The “heatspots” are higlighted with red which is a cool addition.

So what have changed if we compare them to the first generation? 

  • “Ball texture” grip pattern with an thin layer of NikeSkin on top of the knitted material!
  • New soleplate
  • The heel counter has been removed and replaced with an internal solution.
  • Also the collar has been changed to fit better to the movement between foot and ankle.

The fit in these new Magista Obra’s is fantastic, the even better ball-feel in these is unreal!

New Digital SLR Camera

Going pro! 😂

Hope to improve my pictures in the future with my first ever Digital SLR Camera!

Canon EOS 1300d with built in Wi-Fi for photo sharing to smartphone 🙏🏻 The photo sharing was a must for me and that’s why this new Canon 1300d was an excellent choice for me.

The past and present time!

Remember the past and look to the future!  
In 1994 the football world changed when Nike released Tiempo and Adidas released Predator. Before that Puma had basically ruled the football boot market. But Nike and Adidas made a great expression to both the players and audience in 1994 World Cup in USA. In final between Italy and Brazil most of the players wore the Nike Tiempo or Adidas Predator! (Nike Tiempo in the picture is a remake from 2009.)

 It’s 2016 and both brands doing strong having knitted boots on market! When the knitted boots came out in 2014 there was some positive and negative reaction, as always when something new appears. But still everyone of us were curious to test this new knitted material.

Nike vs. Adidas

So a big question in todays football boot world is which knitted boot to choose? Nike Magista Obra “BHM” vs. Adidas Ace16+ PureControl? Definitely some of the top range boots out there!

Both of the boots feel comfortable and look really cool on foot. Nike uses laces and Adidas goes laceless. 

I asked the same question on my InstGram: @toffem as result I had 12 of 17 people who answered choosing Nike Magista Obra “BHM” over the Adidas Ace16+ PureControl!

Both great boots and high innovation from both brands.

Make sure to check out for more!

Nike “Radiant Reveal Pack”!


(Picture: )

It has been lately many blackouts and whiteouts, but now as we getting closet to spring break Nike is revealing the coming “Radiant Reveal Pack” with some serious colours! Which pair do you fancy most? For me it has to be Vapor, Superfly or Magista Obra!

Havaii vs. Finland!

On the left side a beautiful view of Havaii captured by @rphs_blake45 and on the right side a bit colder view of Finnish winter (captured by me).Haha I guess most of you would choose over Havaii instead of Finnish winter or am I wrong? 😂

(Left side picture by InstaGrammer @rphs_blake4)

Nike Magista Obra Fg BHM

“The Power of One”

Inspired by The Power of One the Magista Obra BHM is designed in honour of Black History Month. 

The boots are created with an African vision on mind. The different colours of the boot represents the varied colours of national flags from around the world.


There is total of 7 different colours in the woven upper, creating a symbiotic design. It’s almost as seeing the boot in different dimensions. 

There is also a variety of different patterns on the upper, like nets and stripes combined together. The boot represents African art with some football twist!


Nike Magista Obra Sg-Pro

My first pair of Nike Magista Obra. “Why so late?” some would ask, they just grew on me I guess! And they are absolutely a perfect combination between comfort and beauty. 



Nike Magista Obra were first released in 2014, and if we are honest the whole world of football were stunned! Imagine to play in a sock?? 😛 
Nike is using a knitted upper with a mid-cut collar, designed to secure your foot by providing a sock like fit, making the entire fit move in-sync with your foot.

They made it and it works! How will the boots be in future?


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