Milestones – Nike Mercurial Superfly I 2009

The release of Nike Mercurial Superfly I in 2009 was truly a beginning of something big.

Nike had a big launch for the boot at Old Trafford with Cristiano Ronaldo as main character to advertise the new Superfly. The Superfly I was a product of 2 years of engineering and designing, Nike did also work around many professional players feedback to create this boot.

The new technology in the Superfly I was called “Flywire”. This Flywire technology allowed Nike to reduce weight without losing strength. You can compare the Flywire technology with cables in a bridge, it supports players foot were needed. The boot weighted only 185 grams and back in 2009 that was very light. Nike added the Tepex carbon fibre soleplate to the boot which really made the Superfly I unlike any other boot on the market.

Nike released a very limited edition of the Nike Mercurial Superfly I Fg called “Wear It Proud”. They were originally made for Ugo Moyne and the English rugby team to celebrate their new purple away kit. Each boot was handmade in Italy and individually numbered from 1 to 70. Rumors tell that 30 pairs were given to the rugby team members and only 40 pairs sold to public.

My pair is numbered 55 out of 70.

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Milestones – Nike Mercurial Vapor I 2002

In 2002 Nike released the Vapor I, a true speed boot made of light synthetic material. The boots were inspired by Italian sport cars design, giving fast players a perfect balance been lightweight and foot to ground feel. The boot had a slim fitting with a natural shape of the foot, adding many lace holes to get the boots tighten close to the foot. Majority of the stitching’s was replaced with glue to reduce the weight. Originally released in cinder colourway, but followed by several

Also there was a special edition in Chrome/Lime made for Brazilian striker Ronaldo for the World Cup final in 2002. Ronaldo scored two goals against Germany and became World
Cup Champions. The Chrome/Lime was the first numbered limited edition boot by Nike, they were limited to 4600 pairs globally.

For sure one of my favourite boots in the history.

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Top 5 Nike Mercurials

Probably my Top 5 Nike Mercurials!I got the iconic Mercurial 1.0 1998, I think this boots need to be here as it represents the whole family of Mercurial. The second is first ever Mercurial Vapor, the Vapor I from 2002, this boot is one of my big favourites! Next is maybe the most popular Mercurial of all time, the Vapor III 2006. Who ever you ask “which is his favourite Mercurial?” I bet 70% answers “the Vapor III”! Then we have the first Superfly I from 2009 with new flywire technology, this really was a big breaktrue as Nike managed to build a boot with less weight and still kept the durability. The las last boot I chose to this list is the new Superfly V 2016, specially the “EA-Sport” limited edition! Isn’t that a cool boot?!🙌🏻

Do you agree on this list or do you have an own Top 5? 

K-leather Nike Mercurial Vapor I & T90 II

You may have herd some one say “Black boots can’t go wrong”, what if they black and made of the finest Kangaroo leather?😉

Nike released in 2002-2003 a K-leather version for both the Nike Mercurial Vapor I and Nike Total 90 II. I’m not sure if the boots where a limited release but what I know these are really hard to come by! Some say they were only released in the US or Asia?

 Best features on the boots are definitely the black leather and the stiching! You can really see that they are high quality. For me who have always been a big fan of the Mercurial, imagine Vapor in leather! Also I think it was wise to keep the colours simple black/white.

Luckly I have got them both 😊 

Nike Mercurial Vapor I Collection

I’m posting pictures of my Nike Mercurial collection and here next is a picture of my Nike Mercurial Vapor I collection.

This model is very close to my heart!

Did you or your friends have a pair of these back in 2002-2003? I remember many of the top strikers in Europe using these boots.

Back to the year of 2002!

So we are going 14 years back in time, the year was 2002. Everyone knows that year was a great year for both Nike and Adidas! 👍🏻

Nike released the Nike Mercurial Vapor I and Adidas matched with the famous Adidas Predator Mania. Every boot lover respects these boots, as there was truly some historic moments in these boots. ronaldolima led Brazil to win the World Cup in his chrome/lime Vapor I and Zidane led Real Madrid to champions using his Manias by scoring one of the most beautiful goals in history by shooting a left footed volley into the top corner against Leverkusen in the Champions League Final 2002!

My Nike Mercurial Vapor I chrome/lime’s are something like a sample pair, as the left boot has more mirror effect than normal pairs do. They are also signed by brazilian star Ronaldo!


Nike Mercurial Vapor I Fg “Chrome/Lime”

In my opinion one of the best picture I have posted, hope everyone agrees? 🙏🏻As Nike today released a new limited edition boot, Nike Mercurial Superfly 324K, I thought it would be nice to post a picture of what I believe is Nike’s first limited edition boot. The Nike Mercurial Vapor I Fg “chrome/lime” released for World Cup final 2002. The boots were limited to 4600 pairs globally and today they are one of the most sought after on the market.


Winter times

It’s finally winter in Finland, but way too cold as it’s been -20 C for several days already and it wont stop ❄️So here I have a picture of Nike Mercurial Vapor I Sg in the snow, the colour suits well as the colour is ice white!


2. Top10 Pickups of 2015

Top10 Pickups of 2015! #top10pickups  
2. Nike Mercurial Vapor I Fg chrome/lime! Propably one of the rarest Nike football boots to get your hands on!

  Limited to 4600 pairs globally. Also this left boot got more mirror effect and signed by @ronaldolima ! 👊🏻 The chrome/lime were released back in 2002 and worn by @ronaldolima in the Final of FIFA World Cup Japan & South Korea, Brazil winning Germany 2-0, both goals scored by Ronaldo! 🇧🇷

Last pair of my Top10 Pickups yet to come! 

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