Adidas Predator Accelerator Sg “Made in Germany”

So last week I reached a huge milestone as a collector! I got up to 10.000 followers on InstaGram (@toffem) and best of all I bought myself a pair of Adidas Predator Accelerator Sg “Made in Germany”!

They are match worn by Pedro Barbosa a former captain of Sporting CP and Portuguese national team! They are really uniq as he had a contract with Adidas back in the days! The boot is measured to him and made of really high quality leather! 

There is no tags in the boot, but you can clearly see on the leather, stiching, tongue, rubber fins and on the structure of the heel that they are made for a proffesional player and also “Made in Germany”.

Some stats of his career:

  • 1995–2005 Sporting CP 259 (39)
  • 1992–2002 Portugal 22 (5)

Youtube: Pedro Barbosa, by: 831otnasnom 

All made in Germany!

Here is all my Predators that are made in Germany! Public versions were made in Indonesia and the made in germany versions were only worn by proffesionals, so rare rare rare! 😋


Adidas Predator Precision

Classic! Here I have a pair of the public white and black Predator Precision, but one of the black pairs are a only proffesional model “made in germany”, can you spot it? 


Joey Barton Match Worn

Here I have a pair of Adidas Predator X match worn and signed by Joey Barton! I think it’s always really interesting to compare the proffesional used boots to the public released boots. You can always find differences, also usually the proffesional boots are made in Germany and been measured to fit the player. 


Rare Rare Rare!

New addition to my collection is pretty rare! I found a pair of Adidas Predator Mania Sg “Made in Germany”! They are also matchworn and sined by French proffesional footballer Julien Escudé! A great addition!




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