Nike Mercurial Vapor SL E08 Fg

New addition to my collection, Nike Mercurial Vapor SL E08! Nike released for a special edition of Mercurial Vapor, T90 Shoot and Tiempo for the Euro 2008 championship. This pair right here though is the SL (Super Light) model of the Mercurial Vapor with a carbon fiber soleplate that was never released for public. This particular boot is very rare to find and often they were match worn or issued for proffesional players only. 

My pair is worn by Blerim Džemaili who is playing in the Swiss national team and as midfielder at Bologna. I own another pair of these boots that is coming for sale.

These are definitely in my top 10 best boots! Nothing beats a Mercurial boot in black leather with a touch of blue colour and a carbon fiber soleplate!

Nike T90 Laser II Fg “Metzelder”

New addition! 

Nike T90 Laser II Euro 2008 and they are match worn by “Christoph Metzelder” in Euro 2008 for Germany.

This Nike T90 Laser Euro 2008 edition was actually never released to public, only in the cheaper version T90 Shoot. I managed to hear from a friend of mine that there was some early releases of this boot but Nike had to recall them mainly due to the stiching material used. This stiching material started basically to rotten when the boots got wet, and this caused a bad smell that would stay on the boot regardless of what you tried to clean them with.

I’m not sure if the these boots worn by “Metzelder” had the same problem or not, but usually proffesional worn boots are made with slightly better components. And these dosen’t smell bad 😛

One thing is for sure that this Euro 2008 colourway is the best colourway by far! The dark leather with a white Nike swoosh and a bright blue soleplate is just a perfect combination. 

Nike Mercurial Vapor SL E08 Fg

These don’t come by too often, Nike Mercurial Vapor SL Euro 2008! Never a public release, were only made for professional. Nothing beats a black leather boot with blue soleplate and some carbon-fibre 👌🏻
 I bought these froma friend of mine in Canada few years ago, before that I had been after these since 2008. I used to have the public version of these before I bought the professional model.

Harder and harder to get hold of them!


Nike Mercurial Vapor IV SL E08

These vapors were released during Euro 2008 and are made in leather. Pair I’m showing is not a public released boot as it’s a SL model, with carbon fibre soleplate! This model was only used by some of the proffesionals during Euro 2008 tournament! 


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