Nike Mercurial Superfly V SE CR Fg “Vitórias”

Nike is tributing C.Ronaldo for winning his 4th Ballon d’Or and for another fantastic year as a player. The new boots are called Nike Mercurial Superfly V SE CR Fg “Vitorias”!

The is craeted to embody C.Ronaldo’s iconic personality as one of the most decorated player in the world. 

What an increadible year he had. He won the Champions League with Real Madrid and even a bigger achievement was leading his nation to glory for the first time in their history. 

This boot is a limited edition with only 777 pairs made in the world, I got the pair numbered 230 out of 777. A big bonus is that the boots are all individually numbered!

All Of My Vapor III

Here is an update of my Nike Mercurial Vapor III collection. 

And if you don’t know anything about this boot: 

Nike Mercurial Vapor III was released in 2006, for the FIFA World Cup in Germany. And if
Mania was regarded as a peak of Adidas Predator range then we could say the same thing about
Nike Mercurial Vapor III. 

Nike released 15 different colorways of the Vapor III. Most special of them is the Nike Mercurial
Vapor III 10th Anniverary (black/white) they were a limited edition 1000 pairs made to celebrate
10 years of Nike Mercurial! 

In the picture you can also see a pair that is completely gold, this colourway was never released as I painted them myslef 😛

Top 10 Pickups of 2016!

So the list continues with my 4 of best pickups this year!

Number 4:
Nike Mercurial Superfly V Fg 1998. This boot was one of my projects this year and they are custome made to look like the Mercurial that Brazilian Ronaldo (R9) wore in the World Cup 1998! 

Number 3:

Adidas Predator Mania Sg “Blackout” edition! I dare to say these are the rarest Predator Manias made, even the Japan Blues will be at 2nd place!

Number 2:

Nike Mercurial Superfly V Fg “EA-Sport” edition, limited edition only 1500 made!

One of the best looking boots!

Number 1:

Nike Mercurial Vapor IX CR SE Sg-Pro!

Took a while for me to find these for a reasonable price. Limited to 100 pairs in the world, my pair is numbered 63 of 100!

Can’t wait to see what new comes in 2017!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Nike Mercurial Superfly

The release of Nike Mercurial Superfly I in 2009 was truly a beginning of something big. The new technology in the Superfly I was called “Flywire”. This Flywire technology allowed Nike to reduce weight without losing strength.

You can compare the Flywire technology with cables in a bridge, it supports players foot were needed. The boot weighted only 185 grams and back in 2009 that was very light. 

Nike added the Tepex carbon fibre soleplate to the boot which really made the Superfly I unlike any other boot on the market.

Today Nike is already making the 5th generation of Superflys. Nike have kept the details on Superfly V that we can expect on a proper Superfly, the boot has to be light, durable and good looking, all this components makes the boot look fast! 

Only thing that I know some supporters will be missing is the clean Tepex carbon-fibre soleplate, but I think it works with this new designed soleplate. The new plate is constructed by a single of plastic and a whole new level of stud-layout! The studs have all the same shape just placed in different direction, this means that the player can accelerate, stop and change directions in a much faster way than before!

Nike Mercurial Superfly V CR7 Chapter 3: “Discovery”

Nike Mercurial Superfly V CR7 Chapter 3: “Discovery”!

This chapter tells about how the talented and only 18 year old C.Ronaldo was spotted by the legendery coach of Mancester United, Sir Alex Ferguson.

The colours of the boot is made to reflect his time in Sporting Lisbon. On the lateral side of the boot you can see some similiar wave-lines going alongside of the boot, reflecting back to the Mercurial Vapor I that he wore that night back in the day. 

The numbers on the heel 06, 08 and 03 is for the date (6th of August 2003) when he was discovered by Manchester United in a friendly game still playing for Sporting Lisbon! He was voted man of the match!

Nike Mercurial Superfly II Windchill

These are currently for sale, Nike Mercurial Superfly II “windchill” from 2011! One of the coolest colourways that was released in the Superfly II generation. Weighting just 210g. 

At the first sight the boot looks like clean white and then transfers to a bright combination of colours. 

These boots are 7.5uk 8.5us 42eu and tried on once, so basically as new! I’m asking a price of 150£+shipping.

Get in touch by mail: toffem@outlook.con


Giveaway time on InstaGram!

Follow the steps for a chance of winning these Superfly IV:

1. Follow @toffem

2. Tag 3 friends

3. Repost the pic & #toffemgiveaway

The winner will be contacted on 1st of November!

Please Share!!! 😅

Custome gold Nike Mercurial Vapor III Fg

Here’s my custome painted Nike Mercurial Vapor III Fg. I spray painted them few months ago and re-spray painted them yesterday, as the gold colour is very sensitive. The final result is great! 

The original colour of these was the release colourway white with the yellow heel and a black Nike swoosh. My first plan was to keep the Nike swoosh visible by painting it white or silver. Once I got painting the gold base I decided to paint the whole boot gold because everyone recognize this boot by it’s shape not by the Nike logo 😉 

Had to paint the original laces seperately to make sure they was painted all the way. 

Really satisfied how they look today!

Nike Mercurial Vapor III

One of my favourite Nike Mercurial Vapor III colours the “Argon Blue”! Were looking for this colour for ages, and got hold of them from a friend of mine in Asia.

Pretty rare colourway here in Europe but I noticed they were more common in Asia and US, and I never seen this colour been released in my home country. So could be that they never had an official release in Europe?

Nike Mercurial CR SE

All together!

Nike Mercurial Vapor IX CR SE, Nike Mercurial Vapor IX CR SE Sg-Pro and Nike Mercurial Superfly IV CR SE Sg-Pro 😏👊🏻

The first two editions are limited to 100 pairs of each. Third pair there is 333 pairs made globally, my pair is numbered 333/333!

The boots are really hard to get hold off nowdays, so I’m glad to own them. I’m also enjoying taking pictures of them, no matter which angle you choose it always results a great picture!

The hard question is: Which one is the best?

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