Joey Barton Match Worn

Here I have a pair of Adidas Predator X match worn and signed by Joey Barton! I think it’s always really interesting to compare the proffesional used boots to the public released boots. You can always find differences, also usually the proffesional boots are made in Germany and been measured to fit the player. 


Adidas Predator Mania 3G Turf

Todaya Pickup is a pair of absolutely classic Adidas Predator Mania 3G Turf edition! They knew how to make the Trainers/Turf boots back in days, they are exactly as normal Manias just the heel pattern and soleplate has been changed.


Samples samples samples….

I’m getting more and more into Predator Sample boots! They usually got some differnces and haven’t been for public sale, which makes them rare. Basically these boots have been aprototypes for the boots we know in public! Take a careful look on the boots, can you spot the differences?


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