Nike Anti-Clog

So I took the opportunity to test my new Anti-Clog soleplate at my lunch brake today!

The Anti-Clog soleplate really suprised me by how good it actually works! 

So what I did was I used one boot of Nike Anti-Clog and one normal Nike soleplate, just to get a comparison. It has been raining couple days in a row so the field was really muddy with long grass, and you didn’t have to run for long before the normal soleplate was clogged.

I would recommend everyone to try Nike’s Anti-Clog! Feels a bit like magic .

Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Sg “Dark Lightning” Anti-Clog

The “Dark Lightning” pack is Nike’s latest release and I got the Hypervenom Phantom II! This is also my first ever Anti-Clog boot and this is why I want to go out and test them to see how the new technology works.

The Anti-Clog might be a bit difficult to explain and that’s why it took 2 years for Nike’s engineers and chemists to create this soleplate. However the solution to avoid mud clogging into the boots were not to make the plate water-repellent but instead to include an adaptive polymer that becomes compliant when exposed to water. The key was to understand the molecular strukture of mud and this way creating a Anti-Clog soleplate! 

What can’t we do nowdays?! Can’t wait to try them out and see if this really works as good as promised! At least the new Anti-Clog soleplate looks clean on the new Hypervenoms.

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