Here is a list of boots I currently sell!

-Nike Mercurial Vapor III Fg 8.5uk 9.5us 43eu, 9.5/10 Price: 150£+shipping

-Nike Mercurial Superfly II Fg Safari 8.5uk 9.5us 43eu, 9/10 Price: 90£+shipping

-Adidas Predator Precision I Fg 6.5uk 7us 40eu, 9/10 Price: 90£+shipping

-Nike T90 III Fg 9.5uk 10.5us 44.5eu, 9.8/10 Price: 70£+shipping

-Adidas F50.6 Tunit Sg 9.5uk 10us 44eu, 9.9/10 Price: 90£+shipping

-Adidas Predator Pulse Sg 8.5uk 9us 8.5eu, 9.5/10 Price: 90£+shipping

-Adidas Predator Absolute Sg 10uk 10.5us 44.5eu, 9.5/10 Price: 90£+shipping

-Nike T90 Laser Fg 8uk 9us 42.5eu, 9.5/10 Price: 90£+shipping

-Nike T90 Laser IV Fg 8uk 9us 42.5eu, 9.9/10 Price: 90£+shipping

-Nike Tiempo Air Legend II Fg blackout8uk 9us 42.5eu, 8/10 Price: 60£+shipping

-Adidas F50+ Sg 9uk 9.5us 43.5eu, 8/10 Price: 70£+shipping

-Nike Mercurial Vapor X Sg-Pro 9uk 10us 44eu, 9.5/10 Price: 70£+shipping

-Nike Mercurial Vapor IV Fg orange 7uk 8us 41eu, 9/10 Price: 70£+shipping

-Nike Tiempo Zoom Air Fg 8.5uk 9.5us 43eu, 9/10 Price: 50£+shipping

-Nike T90 Supremacy Fg 6uk 7us 40eu, 9/10 Price: 40£+shipping

If you are interested in any please mail me at:

Year of 2006 was a great year!

What comes to football boots the year of 2006 was a superb year for many brands! 

Nike released the Mercurial Vapor III, maybe the best Vapor ever made. Adidas continued their Predator range with the Absolute and introduced the F50.6 Tunit. Puma made a comeback with the Puma v1.06, and really competed once again with Nike and Adidas!

I bet we all have some memories back in 2006? If so please share the moments!

Adidas Predator “Made in Germany”

So I’m on my way to complete my collection of Adidas Predators. The collection concists of boots between 1994-2011, after this Adidas didn’t manufacture leather Predators anymore…

The big challenge in my collecting, regarding Predators, is that I try to find all boots that are made in Germany. The public version of Predators were made in coutrys far East, like Indonesia. As some of the proffesional players Predator boots are made in Germany. These means usually that they can be measured to the players foot, different leather used in the upper, different/combined soleplate, different innersole (like Beckham prefered the innersole from Predator Accelerator 1998 in his boots) and some uniq details to improve the boots to a style the player likes.

So I’m lucky enough to have found recently three new pairs to my collection that are made in Germany.


Adidas Predator Absolute Sg “Made in Germany”

Next addition to my collection, Adidas Predator Absolute Sg “Made in Germany” and worn by Adam Matysek played in FC Nurnberg and Bayer Leverkusen. Great addition and again higher quality than a ordinary Absolute “made in Indonesia”.I hope that one day I own all of Predators 1994-2010 “Made in Germany” 🙏🏻

Adidas Predator Absolute Gold/White

Adidas Predator Absolute in whole gold and white colourway. A special pair of these were given to Zinedine Zidane in 2006 World Cup in Germany! I don’t own the Zidane match worn pair, but I came by a similiar pair, not matchworn and no tags in the boot. A stunning colourway!


mi Adidas Predator Absolute

Got these boots yesterday. They are mi Adidas and guessing they are player issued as there is written Juventus, Italian flag and 23 on the tongue. The leataher is also extremely soft and the boots have studa that often are used by proffesional players! There is also no size on the tag in the boot. 

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