Nike Mercurial Superfly

The release of Nike Mercurial Superfly I in 2009 was truly a beginning of something big. The new technology in the Superfly I was called “Flywire”. This Flywire technology allowed Nike to reduce weight without losing strength.

You can compare the Flywire technology with cables in a bridge, it supports players foot were needed. The boot weighted only 185 grams and back in 2009 that was very light. 

Nike added the Tepex carbon fibre soleplate to the boot which really made the Superfly I unlike any other boot on the market.

Today Nike is already making the 5th generation of Superflys. Nike have kept the details on Superfly V that we can expect on a proper Superfly, the boot has to be light, durable and good looking, all this components makes the boot look fast! 

Only thing that I know some supporters will be missing is the clean Tepex carbon-fibre soleplate, but I think it works with this new designed soleplate. The new plate is constructed by a single of plastic and a whole new level of stud-layout! The studs have all the same shape just placed in different direction, this means that the player can accelerate, stop and change directions in a much faster way than before!

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