Nike Mercurial Vapor III’s

Here’s my complete Nike Mercurial Vapor III collection. It’s a tough question to choose which one is my favourite, but I guess I have to go with the red/white or 10th Anniversary!

Vapor III is regarded as one of the best Mercurials Nike ever made and I know many would love to get to use them again! All of the Vapor III are hard to come by nowdays, but I would say the rarest ones are 10 th Anniversary, red/white and gold Italy edition.

Perhaps the best detail in these boots were the different colours in the heel! They also adverised these back in 2006 in comparison to snake skin!

Which one do you choose?


5 responses to “Nike Mercurial Vapor III’s

  1. Marcel Dettmann

    Do you sell one of this shoe´s?

  2. Marcel Dettmann

    ok i have send you a mail 😉

  3. Olá!

    Meu nome é Robson moro em Moeda, Minas Gerais – Brasil.

    Quando era pequeno tinha vontade de ter uma chuteira dessa preferencialmente a branca e amarela.
    Hoje tenho 26 anos e graças a Deus tenho condições de comprar mas HOJE EM DIA JÁ NÃO ACHO MAIS ESTE MODELO.

    Se você tiver a branca e amarela número 42 eu compro de você, claro se você quiser vender.

    Pode ser qualquer cor, desde que seja desse modelo.

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