Nike Mercurial 1998-2015

Some call it addiction, I call it passion!

Here I have all boots from Nike Mercurial generation 1998-2015, all in rare FG soleplate and like new condition!

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Nike Mercurial Boots:

  • 1998-Nike Mercurial 1.0
  • 1999-Nike Mercurial 
  • 2000-Nike Mercurial Match
  • 2002-Nike Mercurial Vapor I
  • 2004-Nike Mercurial Vapor II
  • 2006-Nike Mercurial Vapor III
  • 2008-Nike Mercurial IV SL
  • 2009-Nike Mercurial Superfly I
  • 2010-Nike Mercurial Superfly II
  • 2011-Nike Mercurial Superfly III
  • 2012-Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII 
  • 2013-Nike Mercurial Vapor IX
  • 2014-Nike Mercurial Superfly IV


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