Adidas Predator “Made in Germany”

So I’m on my way to complete my collection of Adidas Predators. The collection concists of boots between 1994-2011, after this Adidas didn’t manufacture leather Predators anymore…

The big challenge in my collecting, regarding Predators, is that I try to find all boots that are made in Germany. The public version of Predators were made in coutrys far East, like Indonesia. As some of the proffesional players Predator boots are made in Germany. These means usually that they can be measured to the players foot, different leather used in the upper, different/combined soleplate, different innersole (like Beckham prefered the innersole from Predator Accelerator 1998 in his boots) and some uniq details to improve the boots to a style the player likes.

So I’m lucky enough to have found recently three new pairs to my collection that are made in Germany.


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