Adidas Predator Mania in Gold

So I started a project with an excellent pair of Adidas Predator Mania Sg, the only problem they had were the white rubber stripes were broken and coming off. So what I did was replaced them with stiched leather stripes, and I were satisfied. Almost…

Then I had to take the project to a next level! I had them airbrush painted at a local artist @maalinetti, and I wanted them to match the famous pair of Gold Manias that were made to celebrate Zidane winning the 3rd FIFA player of the World!

Once they were painted I replaced the black elastic band with a new one in white and stiched it into place, I had to buy some new white laces to match the boots!

And here they are!


7 thoughts on “Adidas Predator Mania in Gold

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  1. Thanks for this mate.. Glad to see there is another lover of the predator. Great job on the stripe! Also those gold ones are amazing! I found a few rare pairs that I like on this page .. Just wish there were more in my size. The Predator Champions League are especially nice. I’m tempted, even to try and squeeze my size 10s into a 9.5, haha.

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  2. You did a very great job turning this random adidas predator into the legendary gold adidas predator of Zidane. For how much do you sell those and what is the size. Mine is 10 or 10,5


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