Adidas F50+ “Spider web”

In my opinion the best looking Adidas F50 boot ever made! The combination between soft k-leather and spider web design makes it all. These were the 2nd generation of the F50 and were released 2005.



10 responses to “Adidas F50+ “Spider web”

  1. I am very interested in buying these, do you have any available if so what size? Kind regards


  2. Mikhail Abrahams

    Please bring these back any of the old predators these were the best boots every all the new Adidas don’t fit me because they all synthetic

  3. do you sale predator football shoes? or F50+?

  4. 43, i am looking for a long time for predators or F50+ to use them again for playing soccer, best shoes ever

  5. Daniel Schroeder

    Well I am the lucky owener of several pairs in UK 10,5 and 11 FG.
    All classic colourway with exeption of one silver pair and a used blue/silver.

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